Quality Assurance & Vendor Base

Over the years, we have emerged as one of the most trusted enterprises in this huge industry. It is due to the high quality products, which include Elevator Car Operating Panel, Elevator Parts, Elevator Spare Parts, Reed Switches, Lift Fan, Car Gate Switch, Maintenance Box (Special) that has given us such a reputable position in the market. All the products are sourced only from reputed vendors who hold a wide experience in the market. Our vendor-base is selected on the basis of its credibility in terms of quality of products, prices, market-value, experience and domain expertise. Moreover, our quality check is carried out under several grounds by our quality experts that make sure that all our products are in compliance with the current industry standards.

The quality parameters are:
  • Design
  • Functioning
  • Technology.
Product Range

We are exporter, supplier, trader and importer of the following products:

Lift Control Panel (Microprocessor)

Landing Push Button (LOP)

Fan Grill (Square, PVC, Black ,Grey)

Fan Grill (Round) PVC

G. I. Truffing (8ft)



Car Operating Panel (COP)

DOB Voice

Emergency Alarm

Emergency Stop

Emergency Light

Pit Switch

Everite Door Closer

IFKA Door Closer

Fan Grill (Round) Metal

Fire Switch

Guide Clip (MS)

Magnet Box


Limit Switch(E,O)

Patta for Gang Switch,

PVC Truffing (45><45) (6.5ft,)

Maintenance Box (Special)

Pit Switch

Limit Switch (Avon, Imported)

Elevator Spare Parts

Lift Control Panel (V V V F)

Lift Fan

Car Gate Switch

Car Gate "T"

Cable Hanger (Flat, Round)

Junction Box

Elevator Parts

Applications Areas:

  • Elevator Lift
  • Crane
  • Hoists
  • Dump Weighter


We possess an impressive infrastructure that sprawls over a large area. Our company has properly planned the whole structure and have effectively utilized the large area by segregating it into several wings. Some of them are quality testing lab, warehouses, packaging section and administrative section. We have assigned supervisors in each of the departments, who make sure that their respective unit function in ideal co-ordination with other departments and complete all given work with in the stipulated time. Our warehouse and packaging units have all-in-all facility that incorporates latest technology machines and equipment to have an excellent working. Owing to this, we are able enough to cater the bulk orders of the clients in a given time.   

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